Folding Cranes

Folding Crane Rental

Folding cranes are built with two booms, which give them the ability to fold and access areas where other cranes can’t go. Folding boom cranes are also called knuckle boom cranes because the folding boom looks like a knuckle. This gives it the ability to get in and out of tight spaces with greater ease than other types of crane. 

Knuckle boom cranes can set up easier than other cranes in awkward areas and sites with overhead obstacles. They are ideal for alleyways, city streets, or other busy areas.

Folding boom cranes are ideal for tight alleyways, busy city streets, or other locations within Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Why Rent a Folding Boom Crane?

Stiff boom cranes are a versatile, efficient, and safe option for nearly any type of project that offers the following benefits:


Unlike tower cranes, folding boom cranes can be set up fast and transported easier. This eliminates the need for a long setup process with lots of idle time, so workers can get the job done as soon as possible.


Folding boom cranes offer excellent maneuverability and lifting capacity for their size. Their size allows them to work in areas where other cranes cannot. 


Knuckle boom crane rentals are a cost effective option for your lifting needs. Each crane arrives on site with a trained experienced operator and comes well maintained.

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