lift planning

We ensure the safe delivery and placement of any load, small or large. Capacity Crane has decades of experience to draw on. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Provide plan, elevation, rigging studies, and matting drawings as required
  • Select appropriate cranes based on capacities, accessibility, and availability
  • Size up rigging (rigging studies)
  • Lift equipment design and custom rigging design
  • Specify the crane location(s) and the initial position of the load
  • Ensure that the outrigger loads never exceed the soil capacity
  • Inspect and certify the crane and the rigging equipment exceed all requirements
  • Check boom, load, rigging, and swing clearances during the erection and lifting phases
  • Detail the lift sequence including tandem lifts
  • Provide safety precautions related to wind, communications or other site specific hazards
  • Perform pre-start visit ensuring the set-up of the cranes and rigging is according to lift plan

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