Stiff Boom Cranes

Stiff Boom Crane Hire

Stiff boom cranes use a hydraulic winch to hoist and move objects. To maneuver loads, stiff boom cranes can be rotated, extended or lifted and the winch can be raised or lowered. 

Perfect for placing fragile loads or lifting heavy objects, stiff boom cranes are also great for lifting over high obstructions such as walls, buildings or trees. 

Although less versatile than folding cranes in terms of mobility, stiff-boom cranes are ideal for hoisting loads that need to be suspended for long periods of time. 

Our operators ensure that the lift is done safely and efficiently – contact us for assistance planning your lift and choosing the right crane for your lift. 

Our stiff-boom cranes range from 92 to 138 feet with capacities of up to 30 Tonnes

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